eGlu HUB

eGlu HUB-Pro is the brain of your entire eGlu system. It connects to all installed devices and communicates with a central server via WiFi or Ethernet cable, so you can find it in one place.


eGlu HUB acts as the gatekeeper between your Wi-Fi network and all of your eGlu devices. It is a pluggable power supply that can draw AC from any wall outlet, so you don’t have to worry about low battery power for hours upon end during long days without access to an electrical socket.


  • Internet connected Wi-Fi router
  • eGlu APP for iOS or Android

Technical Specifications

Power Input220-240V AC, 50 HZ
Power consumption1W
Operating Temperature0ºC to 45°C
Wireless ProtocolWiZN’s Glu ™ (865-867MHz), Wi-Fi
Model NumberEGHB01M
SKU noEG-00-1-01-1-M
Dimensions82 x 48 x 45 mm
Weight75 grams

Safety Instructions

  • eGlu products are designed to withstand the rigors of indoor living.
  • eGlu’s rubberized kitchen floor mats protect your floors against dirt, grime, grease and water damage while adding extra traction for safety purposes.
  • eGlu has been creating innovative home goods since 2005 with the motto “protect what matters most.”
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  • HUB-Pro can be powered by any 5V/1A adaptor or directly from a USB output. Please ensure that the 5V power source can provide a peak current of 1A and the supply output is stable. Otherwise, the device can get damaged.
  • HUB-Pro comes with in-built chargeable Lithium-Ion Battery. Please follow government regulations while carrying and disposing this product.


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