Forbes Intelligenz Smart RGB Light Module

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The most magical thing about to happen when you’re home is now possible thanks to our Smart RGBW controller.

With it, your wish and a touch are enough for colours around you to start changing.Brighter or softer?

What’s the combination that matches the mood of what you have on today?  I don’t know about that… You take care of this from now because I’m too busy being spellbound with my magic wand!

Network Protocol


House in colors of your needs

Are you tired of waking up to a dark room every morning?

You deserve better. With the Intouche Labs Smart MODULE RGBWW, you can change your home’s lighting the second you wake up in order to stop those pesky feelings of grumpiness from lingering all day long.

Confused about which shade of blue is best for work or study? No need to worry anymore – choose different shades with a touch! The controller is available in so tiny that it will seamlessly blend into any switch board or interior, and offers four disparate light settings (Sunrise, Soothing Evening, Relaxing Evening) ensuring everything is just perfect for whatever mood you’re feeling that day. Give yourself what you deserve – the Intouche Labs Smart MODULE RGBWW

A Magic spell is enough

Never struggle to find a light bright enough. Adjust the brightness and colours within moments with Intouche Labs Smart MODULE RGBW. Gone is the need for bland monotonous lighting: use this innovative device to create a perfect atmosphere at any time of day – even outside the sun!
Astonish your business associates in meetings! Admire work-performance that you never imagined possible from dreary midday lights! Your life will never be mundane again, thanks to Intouche Labs Smart MODULE RGBWW

Many Images of the same interior

If you’re looking to set the mood for your very own personal space, don’t forget about the light switch. Why settle for bland white lights when you can have a rainbow of ocean blues? With this embedded RGBW controller on your wall, all of those colors are just one flick away!


  • Spectacle of light within a hand’s reach with our mobile app
  • Ideal temperature of light for you to work at home
  • Bathroom turns into spa, Living room colours to the movie your watching, or kids room into cosmic space
  • Unleash your imaginations with our RGBW controller
  • Your personal selection of colours
  • Warning lights
  • Turn you house into a master piece
  • Well lit interior
  • Let the magic happen with colors in your home

Technical Specifications

Power Supply12V-24V DC
Radio ProtocolZ-wave protocol (865,2 MHz)
Operating temperature range-10 C – 55 C
Operating humidity range0% – 90%
Dimension WxLxH47.5mm x 49mm x 20.4mm
Power consumption5A/channel
Maximum total load15A

What’s Included

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  1. Sakshi More

    Very Best product. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shraddha Bijja

    System has been working great.Good Quality

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