eGlu Door Sensor

Door sensors can be installed in any door or window to make sure they are opened and closed at all times. The sensor will send updates on the current state of these doors/windows back to you, which is perfect for monitoring your home remotely.


Door Sensor is a versatile home security device which can be used to monitor opening and closing of doors, windows, as well as provide real-time state feedback during installation. It also doubles up as an efficient presence sensor or remote button for many other purposes such. Don’t let intruders creep into your house without knowing it! Get yourself the Door Sensor from XYZ company. The door/window monitoring system has been designed with versatility in mind – you don’t have to choose between sensing whether someone’s entering your property or if there are people inside who might need assistance immediately due to illness etc.; this product does both at once so that leaving one open wouldn’t render ineffective any help needed by those within. Not only is it able even


  • eGlu HUB
  • eGlu APP for iOS or Android

Technical Specifications

Power InputOne CR2032 Battery
Operating Temperature0ºC to 45°C
Wireless ProtocolWiZN’s Glu™ (865-867MHz)
Model NumberEGDS01N
SKU noEG-016-1-03-1-N
Dimensions40 x 40 x 10 mm
Weight15 grams

Safety Instructions

  • eGlu products are designed to withstand the rigors of indoor living.
  • eGlu’s rubberized kitchen floor mats protect your floors against dirt, grime, grease and water damage while adding extra traction for safety purposes.
  • eGlu has been creating innovative home goods since 2005 with the motto “protect what matters most.”
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  • It’s important to use the same brand of batteries for your hearing aid as you would in a flashlight. Otherwise, battery life will be shorter than expected and it might lead to reoccurring problems with sound quality over time.
  • In order to replace the battery, you will need a small screwdriver and some patience. Once opened carefully, there is an ESD sensitive circuit board that needs special handling in your hands before touching it with another tool too or yourself. Check out product page for more details!


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