eGlu In-Wall Dual Dimmer

The IWS-2D In Wall Dual Dimmer Module is the perfect way to automate your home. With two dimmers, one for up and down, it’s easy to have a variety of moods in any room with ease!


The IWS-2D modules are just perfect for any situation where you may need to control the light levels. They can fit in all sorts of places, like behind your existing switch plate which means that they’re super easy to install and maintain too! You’ll never have to worry about bumping into a cord coming out from under your desk again because these work with LED lights so there’s no risk at all if it pulls on them – It works as an ON/OFF button when needed or dimmer depending on what you want the mood setting of your room is going be


  • eGlu HUB
  • eGlu APP for iOS or Android

Technical Specifications

Power Input220V-240V AC / 50 Hz
Maximum Load0.5/0.5 Ampere
Operating Temperature0ºC to 45°C
Wireless ProtocolWiZN’s Glu™ (865-867MHz)
Dimensions50 x 48 x 17 mm
Weight40 grams

Safety Instructions

  • The eGlu products are specifically designed for indoor use only. Because they will not withstand water, you should never leave the product outdoors or near any type of liquid.
  • eGlu products should be cleaned with a soft and dry cloth. Do not install eGlu near any heat sources because it will melt or chip off, damaging the surface beneath it
  • eGlu has been creating innovative home goods since 2005 with the motto “protect what matters most.”
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What’s In box

Manufacturer Information

  • Model No: EGIW08N
  • SKU no: EG-030-1-01-1-N
  • Warranty: One year limited


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