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Manage your home, all from one place. Find Smart Home Solutions to make life easier no matter where you are.

It’s a home controller. It lets you use voice to control your house. Basically, it knows everything that might be in the house, like where all the lights are or what temperature you want them set at and then it makes sure those things happen for you which is awesome because now you can finally, like do this one thing without actually having to remember anything.

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You devoted all this time to make your home smarter, don’t you want to have a say in how it works? With the smart home Controller, Intouche Labs is giving you complete control from the palm of your hand. Worried about security breaches? We’ve got that covered too with notifications and alerts at the tip of our fingers. Trying to save on your energy bill? The app even has statistics so you know what’s working and what’s not!

Intouche Labs’ smart controller that allows easy monitoring and management with an app. Give yourself a break from constantly watching over your home and stay in the loop with notifications on select devices, energy consumption info on your phone or tablet, and more! Manage your system from anywhere-on time.


  • Automation Schedules
  • Practical Automation
  • Smart home that knows what to do
  • Convenient management dashboards
  • Always at hand
  • Everyone is safe
  • New face of Comfort
  • The world’s fastest smart home controller
  • Always Stable network

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  1. Manisha Nikam

    I rate them at the highest level for my overall experience and will recommend them to my friends and colleagues.

  2. Shardul Varpe

    Intouche Labs have great products and services and I don’t really have any suggestions for how they can improve as they were great in all areas.Thank you!!

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