eGlu HUB-Pro

eGlu HUB-Pro is the brain of your entire eGlu system. It connects to all installed devices and communicates with a central server via WiFi or Ethernet cable, so you can find it in one place.

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eGlu HUB-Pro is the brain of your eGlu system. It acts as a communication hub for all devices in your home and connects to the cloud server, so you can control everything from anywhere. The device comes with built-in intelligence that allows it to work even when there’s no internet connection available – perfect for those power outages! This product requires an adaptor but includes backup batteries just in case blackouts strike again.With a push of the on-off button, HUB-Pro can be set to one’s preference in just seconds.


  • eGlu HUB
  • eGlu APP for iOS or Android

Technical Specifications

Technical Details

Power Input5V DC / 1A
Power consumption 1W
Power BackupUp to 24 hours
Operating Temperature0ºC to 45°C
Wireless ProtocolWiZN’s Glu™ (865-867MHz), Wi-Fi
Model NumberEGHB03M
SKU noEG-031-2-01-1-R
Dimensions81 x 81 x 30 mm
Weight120 grams

Safety Instructions

  • eGlu products are designed to withstand the rigors of indoor living.
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  • eGlu has been creating innovative home goods since 2005 with the motto “protect what matters most.”
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  • HUB-Pro can be powered by any 5V/1A adaptor or directly from a USB output. Please ensure that the 5V power source can provide a peak current of 1A and the supply output is stable. Otherwise, the device can get damaged.
  • HUB-Pro comes with in-built chargeable Lithium-Ion Battery. Please follow government regulations while carrying and disposing this product.

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