schneider electric Wiser-Two Channel Dimmer Controller


IoT can make your home smarter by connecting all of the devices to each other. IoT is named as such because it connects with internet and helps transform homes into Wiser Homes so here we present our Wiser-4 Channel Automation Relay.

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  • Wiser-Two Channel Dimmer Controller as you know the feeling of finally achieving a dream after years of hard work? That’s exactly how it feels to be able to switch on lights just by clapping your hands. With smart home products, you don’t need anything but a simple gesture or voice command for everything from turning off the lights at night as soon as everyone is in bed and shutting down all electronics when we leave for vacation- even locking doors! It can feel like magic sometimes – getting things done without lifting an eyelid.
  • The IoT provides a way for all the devices on your home network to talk with each other and share information, so that everything is kept in sync. It will help you live smarter by knowing when it’s time to change the air filter or put out fresh linens!Internet of Things technology connects every device at home and transforms it into one smart machine

Technical Specifications

Product NameWiser-Two Channel Dimmer Controller
Range NameWiser
Tax ClassGST-18

Key Features

Converts mechanical switches into smart switches


  • 2 Channel Direct Dimming
  • 1 channel analog dimmer and 1 channel direct dimmer
  • Dimmer Mode Only
  • Supports Leading Edge Dimming Technologies
  • Bell switches can be used to increase or decrease the light intensity manually


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