forbes intelligenz Smart Door Sensor

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When you’re looking for a simple-to-install smart device with multiple uses, Intouche Labs has you covered. With the sleek and stylish design that let’s them blend seamlessly into any interior – our smart door sensors have been created to seamlessly monitor your doors. Whether you’re running out for some milk or off on an adventure to explore the world, give yourself peace of mind knowing they’re up and monitoring while you enjoy this opportunity.


You’ll never leave a window open again, huh? With these smart door sensors from our wonderful Intouche Labs you’ll never forget to close that window and risk your possessions to be thrown by the wind & rain.

Our Intouche labs smart Door Sensors will not only notify you when it starts raining so that you have time to take an umbrella (the beauty of raincoats), but also do its duty as regular old motion sensor. Yes, we hear your anxious questions: “What if I don’t cook or leave my home during a storm?”

Welcome home!

You can use the Intouche smart Door Sensor as a scene activator. When placed by the main door, the sensor may launch a sequence which will greet the entering inhabitants.

Network Protocol


  • Immediate Notifications on Mobile app
  • Alarm Notifications
  • Protection from Tampering and damage
  • No time for surprises
  • Pet door monitoring
  • Sensor for important doors in safe and cupboards
  • Terrace door installation to monitor for safety

Technical Specifications

Power SupplyCR123 (approx. battery life 2 years)
Radio ProtocolZ-wave protocol (865,2 MHz)
Operating temperature range-10 C – 55 C
Operating humidity range0% – 90%
Dimension main partW-L-H: 75mm-31mm-21,4mm
Dimension magnetic partW-L-H: 50mm-20,5mm-14mm

What’s Included

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  1. Arpita vede

    Love this device!! Must Try!!

  2. Ishita Lamba

    Item was very easy to set up. I have used other Smart Life products so I was familiar with the process and the steps involved. Thank you for this wonderful product Intouche Labs.

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