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With the security threats becoming a prominent issue, it is paramount that you provide your home and family members the best security cover you can. You can get rid of the security nightmare and breathe a sigh of relief by installing a DVR or digital video recorder system from Eurovigil in your home. Being a digital recording system, the footage is of the highest-quality and need low level of maintenance.



What is DVR ?

DVR is the acronym for Digital Video Recorder. With a HDD as the name implies, these systems can record and store surveillance footage digitally. This means you can capture videos of higher quality.

Working of a DVR camera system?

A digital video recorder system consists of a few closed-circuit cameras that are all interconnected to a DVR system or a computer that is capable of digital recording. Over the years, several home and business owners have upgraded their old and traditional CCTV camera with these modern and advanced DVR systems because of it various safety features.

The technologically advanced DVR camera from Eurovigil records video in the digital format and stores the recordings in the DVR or the computer connected to the camera. One of the major limitations with the DVR CCTV systems is the storage capacity; whilst for home security, the storage may not be an issue for commercial premises you would need a system with a higher storage capacity so that you can continue to record. Once the DVR runs of space or reaches its maximum storage capacity, the camera will stop recording unless it is programmed to overwrite the old data.

The recorded footage can be easily accessed from the hard drive and since the video is in the digital format, scanning through the footage is much easier than the traditional CCTV system. You can fast forward or rewind to the desired time. The DVR system by Eurovigil stamp the footage with date and time, which makes it easy to browse through the footage.

Pros of DVR Recorder

The greatest advantage of DVR CCTV surveillance system is that it quite affordable, at Eurovigil we offer the best DVR price in the market that fits within your budget. Also, you can be sure that the footage recorded by the system is safe and secured as long as the DVR does not suffer from any physical damage. Some of the advanced camera can be equipped with motion sensors and audio kits, which allows you to record the video as well as audio and program the camera to start recording only when movement or motion is detected. This not only helps save storage space but also saves the effort of constant monitoring of the video feed.

One major drawback of the DVR system is that it cannot be connected to a network. This means that the video feed cannot be accessed apart from the on-location computer.

Why Eurovigil?

We are one of the most popular and trusted brands in India to offer security systems for all. Our technologically advanced and feature-rich security DVR camera not only boost your home and office but also give you the peace of mind that your loved ones and assets are safe. Besides, we offer a wide array of products in different price range to suit your budget.


  • Embedded DVRs
  • Hybrid DVRs
  • PC based DVRs


  • Connectable to HDTVI, HDCVI, AHD, Analog and IP Cameras
  • Connectable to Coaxitron camera with long transmission distance
  • Connectable to network cameras
  • Encoding at up to 720P resolution
  • HDMI Output and VGA output at up to 1920x1080P resolution
  • New GUI supports starting record with one key
  • Instant playback for assigned camera during multi-channel live view mode
  • Support up to 4ch synchronous playback; and reverse playback for multi-channel
  • Smart playback to go through less effective information
  • Manual video quality diagnostics
  • Customisation of tags, searching and playing by tags
  • Locking and unlocking record files
  • Provide 1 SATA interface for HDD with up to 6TB capacity
  • 1 self-adaptive 10M/100 M network interface
  • Support axis by EZVIZ Cloud P2P
  • Support DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System)
  • Network Detection Function

Technical Specifications

Digital Video Recorder HD 5 Channels (Excluding Hard Disk) Contains : Mouse, Remote Control, Adapter & CD1U
Power supply12V DC
Consumption (without hard disc)< 8W
Dimension (W X D X H )26×22.2×4.5 cm
Working Temperature-10 ° C – + 55 ° C (-14° F – 131° F)
Working Humidity10%-90%

Dimensions N/A

5 Cameras, 10 Cameras, 18 Cameras

2 reviews for Best Digital Video Recorder Eurovigil(DVR 5CH, 10CH, 18CH)

  1. Pranav Deshmukh

    The product itself works well after complete installation. No glitch or any problems as of now. Camera quality is good for moderate usage.

  2. Dimpi Joshi

    Low price and good quality..
    Best service by team..

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