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Wiser is our Smart Home Solution allowing you to remotely control all your appliances at home with your voice or through an App.

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Once there were smart homes, now there are Wiser Homes!
Wiser is our Smart Home Solution allowing you to remotely control all your appliances at home with your voice or through an App. For example: get the lights in every room of the house turned on by simply yelling out “hey Siri,” make coffee just like a professional barista without ever leaving bed thanks to intelligent programmable coffeemaker that sets off automatically when I’m not around and makes sure my morning toast gets perfectly browned before waking me up, set the perfect temperature for getting ready (and sleeping) according to weather conditions outside so we don’t have any more cold showers after those long winter months.

Some of the amazing features in this solution as follows:

  • Zero Wiring. Absolutely No changes to your existing home.
  • The brand of switch you have does not matter
  • Interlinks your electricals through Wi-Fi, providing true and easy integration
  • Control and access anywhere and anytime through your voice or our easy-to-use App
  • Schedule the scene based on your time and mood – 6 AM Sunrise or 6 PM Prayer!
  • Amazon Echo and Google Home Assistant compliant

Easy, Convenient installation

Wiser can be installed in under 4 hours by an expert free of cost. It requires no rewiring. During installation there no zero wall damage. Wiser is also portable, if you move homes, Wiser can come with you

All appliances at your fingertips

With the Wiser smart home solution, all home appliances and devices can now be at your fingertips. Operate all devices using voice or app technology.

  • Dim or brighten the lights
  • Control the speed of the fan
  • Close or open curtains
  • Control appliances like geyser, washing machine and what not!

Here’s more about what we have in the package.

Wiser- Automation Gateway:

Wiser- Automation Gateway uses Wi-Fi or Ethernet to connect through a smartphone on a mobile app. Integration and communication of Alexa, Google Home and control devices happens using advanced wireless technology. The gateway uses Wi-Fi or Ethernet to connect through a smartphone, and controls devices.

Wiser-4 Channel Relay:

This device can control the on/off function of your appliances.

One relay can control up to 4 low power devices or can be used to control one high power device.

It would automate:

  • Combination of lights and fans (upto 4)
  • 1 AC upto 2 Ton
  • Geyser
  • TV
  • Chimney
  • Washing machine

Wiser-Fan Speed Controller:

It controls Fan speed & also option to connect one On/Off  load

  • One product to control Fan speed & One light Circuit (Relay of 4Amp)
  • Cieling fan can be controlled without humming Noise
  • A fan can be controlled in 4 steps
  • Bell switch will be used to increase or decrease fan speed manually
  • Can be controlled through App remotely or with Voice through IoT Aggregator

Wiser- 2 Channel Dimmer Controller:

What does it do?

Controls the light intensity of the 2 circuits. Each circuit can be of 40W each

  • 2 Channel Direct Dimming
  • 1 channel analog dimmer and 1 channel direct dimmer
  • Dimmer Mode Only
  • Supports Leading Edge Dimming Technologies
  • Bell switches can be used to increase or decrease the light intensity manually

Wiser-Curtain Controller:

It controls operations like (Motorized curtain control, gate opening-closing, etc.)

Has a single channel that can be used to automate the following:

  • Roller curtains
  • Venation blinds
  • Motorized drapes and blackout curtains
  • Skylights
  • Motorized gates

Technical Specifications

Product NameWiser Freedom Package
Range NameWiser
Tax ClassGST-18

Key Features

Now making your home, Wiser is simple. Once you order, you will recieve the following:

  • Free shipping
  • Free installation by an electrician
  • Free consultation
  • Easy warranty
  • Customer care support


  • 4 A Per Channel
  • Maximum load on relay (this relay can automate)
    • 150 Watts Incandescent
    • 1000 Watts Inductive
    • 200 Watts Fan –
    • AC
    • Geyser
    • Washing Machine
    • 1 per channel On /Off control is used to automate
    • Cumulative load : 4 individual channels, i.e. 4 A x 4 channels = 16 A is used for On/Off Control is used to automate


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