Intruder Alarm System IAS 300

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No one has the right to enter your home without your permission – least of all an intruder. The IAS 300 is a part of the comprehensive intruder detection or burglar alarm system that is integral to your security management system. It comes with intelligent functionality and modular concepts that adapt to your requirements. Its powerful performance, aesthetic appeal and ease of use, makes the IAS 300 a dependable family member that protects your world.


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What is an Intruder Alarm System?

An Intrusion Alarm System monitors your home or office 24X7 and helps detect break-ins.

It also detects fires and gas leaks and informs the Central Monitoring Station.

“What’s more, you and your neighbors are alerted immediately. It comprises of a control panel and various detectors that are connected to the control panel wirelessly or with a wire”

The various Detectors are :

  • Motion Sensors : Detects motion in protected areas.
  • Magnetic Contacts : These are position sensors which can be installed on doors, windows, cupboards, air-conditioner ducts, safes and rolling shutters.
  • Gas Leak Detector : This detector senses LPG gas and potential fire hazards and sends out an alarm before they turn unmanageable.
  • Smoke Detector : Detects smoke and alerts occupants. • Glass Break Detector : Detects the sound of breaking glass.
  • Panic Switch : This switch alerts the Central Monitoring Station in an emergency, and can send the police, fire department or medical services to the rescue.


  • 2G GSM+PSTN mode for double communication mode
  • 4 Follow me private phone nos., 2CMS phone no.
  • 8 wired, 32 wireless zones.
  • Touch panel with in-built siren.
  • Voice command support and indication
  • 8 wireless remote
  • Sleep mode, PGM output, 16 user codes
  • Detector loss inspection fuction, communication inspection function, Tel-line connect inspection
  • Power off, low battery alarm function

Technical Specifications

Power Supply15 V/2000 mA
Built-in rechargable battery<50 mA (exclude wireless detector)
System static current<50 mA (exclude wireless detector)
System alarming current<300 mA (exclude wireless high siren current)
Operating environment0 ° – 49 ° C (32° to 120°F)
Relative Humidity5% to 93%
Home Demo Yes/NoYes
Leaflet & ManualYes (
Demo VideoYes (

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